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Jorin Bloodhowl

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Jorin Bloodhowl was the Jarl of Dekk-Tra, the Space Wolves' 13th Great Company known as the Wolf Brothers, during the Great Crusade.[2a] In the 41st Millennium, he is believed to have been the Wolf Lord of the 13th Great Company in the time immediately preceding the Horus Heresy and the Company's own disappearance[1] — he was, however, succeeded by his huscarl, Bulveye.[3]


Jorin Bloodhowl was a native of Fenris, an honour guard of Leman Russ's first Einherjar before the coming of the Allfather. He chose to undergo the transformation into a Space Marine in spite of his advanced age and the warnings of the Mechanicum, surviving where many others did not. Jorin and the other 'Greybeards' formed the first of the 13th Great Company, considered the most honourable and the closest to the primarch.[2a]

The Dulan Campaign

During the Great Crusade, Jorin led Dekk-Tra in the Dulan Campaign. By this time he had already become aware of the Curse of the Wulfen, but chose to keep it a secret even from the primarch. His huscarl, Bulveye, had the Wolf Priest Ulbrandr Crowhame and the Rune Priest Leif Hemligjaga inspect the bodies of two Wulfen who succumbed in quick succession, but neither was able to offer any insight.[2a]

In the void battle over Dulan, Bulveye's refusal to answer hails from the Dark Angels until he had blooded the Aesrumnír resulted in the destruction of an enemy battleship that had been boarded by ten squads of Dark Angels. The Blade of Numarc fired a lance at Jorin's ship, severely damaging the Aesrumnír — this would later leave it unable to prevent a handful of small craft fleeing Dulan's orbital ring carrying at least one Space Wolf prisoner.[2b] On the surface, the Iron Priest Kloja picked up a signal from a surviving wolf brother. Defying the primarch's orders, Jorin led three packs to a cathedral in which they discovered a caged Wulfen whose image was broadcast across the planet. Russ was forced to stall his advance in order to bring his errant Jarl to heel, learning of the Curse of the Wulfen even as he was informed Lion El'Jonson had made a teleport strike on the Crimson Fortress.[2c]

The Horus Heresy

Jorin Bloodhowl survived both Prospero and the Alaxxes Nebula during the subsequent Horus Heresy and was still Lord of Dekk-Tra by the time of Leman Russ' attempted assassination of Horus.[4] However, at some point Jorin would later be succeeded by Bulveye as Jarl of Dekk-Tra.[3]

Appearance and Equipment

Jorin was large even for a Space Marine, towering over his Wolf Guard. His long mane was black, in spite of the company moniker 'Greybeards', and often tied in a topknot. His age at the time of his ascension left its marks - he was left with a fractionally stilted stance, black-rimmed eyes that seemed hollow and lacked the typical amber colouration of the Canis Helix, and a faint pall of darkness that hung about him. In combat, he wore a black wolfshead death mask painted with streaks of blood, and carried a power axe.[2a]