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This page contains spoilers for: Storm of Damocles (Novel)

Jotunn the Lone Wolf is a member of the Space Wolves Chapter and is currently the Deathwatch Commander of the Watch Station Picket's Watch[1a]. In 999.M41, he was among the Watch Station's forces that took part in invading the Tau Empire's M'Yan'Ral Stormsurge facility on Proth, after it was discovered by Watch Captain Nergui[1b]. In the battle that followed, Jotunn discovered the location of M'Yan'Rai's Ethereal[1c] Aun'ui Hoo'nan[1d], and moved to attack the Tau leader[1c]. Hoo'nan was defended by several Fire Warriors, led by the Fireblade M'au[1d], but Jotunn successfully killed them, before he then killed the Ethereal as well.[1c]