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Kabal of the Twisted Sword

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The Kabal of the Twisted Sword was a Dark Eldar Kabal whose spire fortress, along with that of the Kabal of the Flayed Mask, once resided on the far end of Commorragh's Alzos’Querion Vha grand processional.

Kabal of the Twisted Sword
Archon: Unknown
Colours: Unknown
Speciality: Unknown


Because of their locations, both Kabals enjoyed extracted tithes and enacted ambushes on all the traffic passing between their fortresses; from a nearby nearby docking ring to the higher slopes of Sorrow Fell district. Unfortunately for both Kabals[1a], when a plot to resurrect the long dead Archon El'uriaq led to a Dysjunction[1b], their enemies quickly decided to retaliate. Soon the the Alzos’Querion Vha was left a charnel house, as the Kabals, their enemies and even Daemons, waged war on each other. Despite their numerous foes however, the Twisted Sword and Flayed Mask were set to emerge victorious, until the coming of the Black Heart Kabal, led by Archon Valossian Sythrac[1a]. Sythrac was charged by Commorragh's ruler Asdrubael Vect, to restore order to the Dark City and was given free reign to attack any Kabals that refused to put down their arms and re-pledge their loyalty to Vect[1b]. When the Archon's forces neared their location though, the Kabals and their enemies were so engaged in their battle, that they did not immediately recognize the Black Hearts and fired upon them killing several of Sythrac's troops. Though it was unintentional, this act of defiance sealed their fate[1a] and the Black Hearts destroyed both the Kabals and everyone else present within the Alzos’Querion Vha.[1c]

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