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Kaeria Casryn

Kaeria Casryn

Kaeria Casryn was an Oblivion Knight[1b] of the Steel Foxes Cadre of the Sisters of Silence during the Horus Heresy.[1d]

During the War Within the Webway Kaeria was paired with the Custodian Diocletian Coros and the two grew into close comrades. Coros could understand Kaeria's meaning by simple facial expression and she did not have to sign to communicate with him. As a result, she accompanied Diocletian outside the Webway as they attempted to recruit reinforcements for the secret war.[1a] Later Kaeria oversaw the implementation of the Unspoken Sanction within the Imperial Palace, sacrificing a thousand captured Psykers to the Golden Throne so the Emperor could leave it for a single day.[1c]

Later during the Siege of Terra, Kaeria Casryn was one of those chosen to come before Malcador the Sigillite before he ascended the Golden Throne and carry out his final tasks given to them. She then gathered captive Psykers to sacrifice to the Throne to aid Malcador in his struggle to power the ancient device.[2]