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Kalus Ekaddon

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Kalus Ekaddon was an officer of the Sons of Horus Legion (and its prior iteration, the Luna Wolves) during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1a]

Ekaddon was a Captain of the Legion's 1st Company, commanding Catulan Reaver Squad[1a] and was a member of a Legion warrior-lodge.[1b]


Early Life

Ekaddon grew up in the tunnel-slums of Cthonia, killing fellow feral children with a knife that he carries to this day. At one point, the Luna Wolves came for him. Ekaddon nearly took out the eye of Maloghurst before being captured and inducted.[4]

Great Crusade

Ekaddon was noted for killing one of the impersonator Emperors during the Battle of Sixty-Three Nineteen.[1a] After Horus was wounded on Davin, Ekaddon was one of the Sons of Horus commanders who sided with Ezekyle Abaddon to bring the Warmaster's body to the Serpent Lodge for healing.[2]

Horus Heresy

Ekaddon took part in the Battle of Molech.[3]

Later, Ekaddon sided with Maloghurst and Sota-Nul in the power struggles that erupted in the Legion after Horus fell into a comatose state after the Battle of Beta-Garmon. Ekaddon was able to break Maloghurst out of captivity at the hands of Horus Aximand and brought him to Horus' throne room on the Vengeful Spirit in the midst of the Battle of Heta-Gladius. As Ekaddon, Sota-Nul and the Luperci held off the Justaerin, Maloghurst was able to sacrifice himself to resurrect Horus. However due to his treachery against Abaddon and Falkus Kibre, Argonis was ordered to kill the Reaver chief as a show of his own loyalty. Ekaddon willingly accepted his fate and was slain.[4]

Ekaddon was replaced as Reaver chief by Malabreux.[5]