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The Kannon is a classification of a general type of Ork artillery weapon.[1]


The Kannon is the most common Ork artillery piece, a heavy gun frequently mounted on Ork vehicles, from Gun Trukks to Battle Fortresses or simply used as Big Guns. It is often considered a great joke among Kannon crews to feign a dud shell in the kannon and make one of their fellow members retrieve it. Woe betide the unlucky Grot called in to retrieve such a "dud", as his crew members will invariably proceed to fire the gun with him half-inside. This leads to death, dismemberment, decapitation, broken Kannons, bloody lower bodies of Grots whole only from the waist down found near Kannon muzzles, or to the unnaturally fortunate Gretchin, at the very least a prompt deafening. Kannons fire two types of ammunition:[1][2]

  • Frag - large bore frag round used for blasting enemy infantry[1][2]
  • Shell - solid shot shell used for punching through tank armour[1][2]


  • Killkannon: The Killkannon is a huge weapon often mounted on top of heavier Ork vehicles such as Battlewagons or Big Trakks and used to hammer enemy infantry as the ork hordes close in. They can also be found on Mega Dreads. Like all Ork weapons, Killkannons make a deafening amount of noise, and are much appreciated by all Orks who are nearby.[2][1a]
  • Supa-Kannon: The Supa-kannon is an enlarged version of the standard Ork Kannon found on Ork Big Trakks, Battlewagons or Battle Fortresses. These massive artillery pieces are designed for destroying enemy positions and fortifications and are usually crewed by Gretchin gunners. It is a shorter-ranged version of the Earthshaker Cannon and often is just that cannon, looted and a little 'orkified'.[2][2a]


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