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Khaine's Gate

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Khaine's Gate is a region of Commorragh. Located in the depths of its undercore and known only to a select few, it is a gate to the Warp. The consequences for the Dark City would be dire if the gate were ever to be breached, for Commorragh would be open to the realm of Chaos.[1a]

It is said that one of the Twilight Troupe of the Harlequins Masque of the Midnight Sorrow, named The Shattered Dream often lurking around Khaine’s Gate in the depths of the Commorragh watching for signs of a Daemonic incursion. If any Daemons break through the Gate, Harlequins will be the first to challenge them.[2]


  • 346497.M41 - Something has begun to pound slowly – rhythmically – impossibly – on the other side. Vect stations five hundred Incubi to watch over the Gate chamber as a delaying measure. He pays exorbitant sums to ensure their discretion, while simultaneously ensuring all those Incubi hired hail from brotherhoods who have defied or hindered his machinations in the past. As further insurance, Vect deploys several of his more esoteric arcane weapons within the chamber itself, ingenious failsafes that include temporal flux-mines, the Seventh Shard, and a tri-prismic dimensional mirror keyed to hurl anything reflected in its surface into the heart of a sun.[1b]
  • 601.M41 - The Incubi standing guard over Khaine’s Gate report new and disturbing developments to Asdrubael Vect. In accompaniment to the slow, relentless pounding, the Gate has begun to vibrate at the microscopic level. Worse, those who stand too close to the portal report hearing whispered voices. Though he shows no outward signs of concern, Vect continues to lay new plans.[1b]
  • 996.M41 - In the Undercore, the phenomena that beset Khaine’s Gate become ever more pronounced. Many of the strange portal’s guards have been driven mad by the whispering voices that now pervade the Gate chamber. Those who have not hacked each other apart or taken their own lives have begun carving ‘Let us in’ into the walls of the chamber, some scratching this unsettling mantra directly into their flesh. The air of the chamber shimmers with half-glimpsed shapes, while Mandrakes and shaderavens gather in increasing numbers in the tunnels around and about. Overlord Vect continues to suppress knowledge of these phenomena with cruel efficiency, while quietly relocating ever more of his own powerbase to hidden sub-realms behind multiple, well-guarded portals. A number of Archons who had believed their Kabals out of favour are delighted when Vect presents them with conciliatory gifts of prime territory, ceded from the ownership of the Kabal of the Black Heart and located directly above the Undercore.[1b]
  • 924999.M41 - A chain sealing Khaine's Gate snaps due to a Warp Storm[1b]
  • 995999.M41 - The Thirteenth Black Crusade surges from the Eye of Terror, armies flooding from across the Imperium to oppose it. Kabalite raids descend upon realspace in their thousands to take advantage of the mayhem, yet now battle is also joined in the Dark City. Through arcane channels, Lady Malys has learned of the developing situation around Khaine’s Gate. Fearing that Vect plans to intentionally trigger its opening and drown his rivals in Daemons, the Archon of the Poisoned Tongue activates assets all across the Dark City. Waves of empyric energy roll from the Eye of Terror to batter Commorragh, collapsing sub-realms and breaching portals. Bands of Kabalites, Wyches and Harlequins loyal to Malys or Vect engage in increasingly bitter skirmishes around the Undercore, oblivious to the irony that both factions are fighting to achieve the same end. Meanwhile, in a chamber filled with swirling madness, hairline cracks spread across Khaine’s Gate, and the caged Nulls begin to scream.[1b]
  • During the birth of Yvraine, Khaine's Gate finally gave way, flooding Commorragh with disturbances and Daemons.[3]