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The Kibris, also known as Kibris Berserkers, are a sentient humanoid Xenos species, whose tribes are known to be shockingly savage combatants.[1]

Their physical attributes suggest a canid ancestry and the Kibris have long heads, bestial snouts and swept-back ears. The Kibris' canines are also so long and sharp that they can tear through Flak Armour. They are known to wield barbed Magnesium Carbines, which fire armour-piercing magnesium rounds, and the Kibris' martial savagery has led some to speculate they must consume some kind of intoxicant before a battle. The Kibris can also enter a berserker state by taking a stimulant that makes them impossible to kill, as it allows them to ignore any wounds they suffer. It is only after the stimulant wears off that any fatally wounded berserkers will finally die.[1]

The Kibris once laid claim to Cyrenica, until the world was forcibly taken from them by the T'au Empire.[1]

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