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A Knight Magaera

The Knight Magaera is a type of Imperial Questoris Pattern Knight.


Amongst the rarest types of Knights, even during the Horus Heresy they were the sparsest class produced by Forge Worlds.Within its frame are houses relics understood only by the most learned Tech-Priests. These included dedicated repair autosimulacra to near-impenetrable Ionic Flare Shields. However, the strain placed on the armour's atomantic reactors leads to dangerous levels of radiation being exposed to the pilot and in the event of heavy damage a potentially catastrophic explosion can occur.[3c]

Magaera type Knights are most often used as shock assault units, breaching the most heavily defended enemy positions, while shrugging off heavy weapons fire and self-repairing even devastating weapon strikes in a few minutes. To aid in this role it is armed with a complex lightning cannon, using focused electro-magnetic beams to vaporize infantry and blast apart armor.[1] Other weapons of this Knight can include Phased-Plasma Fusil, Reaper Chainsword, Rad Cleanser and Hekaton Siege Claw.[2]

Notable Knight Magaera