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Kol Badar

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Kol Badar was one of the most capable Commanders and later Coryphauses of the Word Bearers Legion. He was known for his keen strategic mind and dogmatic approach to warfare, which earned him many victories.


Early Life

Kol Badar was born on the planet Colchis before the coming of the Emperor. He was a cult gang member and was especially close with some of his blood brothers.[1]

The Great Crusade

A giant even among Astartes, Kol Badar rose to become a Captain in the Word Bearers Legion during the Great Crusade. It was Kol Badar who planned the assault on the world designated Forty Seven-Sixteen, which became the first world to fall to the Word Bearers after Lorgar's conversion to Chaos. Shortly before the beginning of the Heresy, while surviving under Captain Sor Talgron, Kol Badar's closest blood brother was killed by Marduk in undisclosed circumstances. Jarulek, the First Acolyte to Talgron, promised Kol Badar the chance to kill Marduk.[Needs Citation]

The Horus Heresy

During the Heresy, Kol Badar took part in the Percepton Campaign under Talgron and Jarulek. As the world burned in Phosphex, Badar was badly burned rescuing Talgron.[4] He was later part of the Host that assaulted Terra.


Kol Badar was Coryphaus to the Warmonger until his death, and then to Jarulek upon his ascension to Dark Apostle, a post he held until Jarulek died on Tanakreg. Upon Jarulek's death he passed into the service of his enemy Marduk. Despite their mutual hatred, Marduk recognised Kol Badar as an invaluable asset to both him and the host he led. Kol Badar had eventually proven his loyalty to Marduk following the battle at Boros Gate, slaughtering members of the Brotherhood, Word Bearers who had turned against Marduk, and helping expose a plot to depose Erebus from leadership of the Dark Council in favor of Kor Phaeron.[3]


Kol Badar is a formidable warrior and wears an ornate suit of Terminator armour, with a horned helmet, "crafted in the likeness of a snarling bestial visage". He is armed with a Combi-Bolter. His close combat weapon of choice is inconsistently referred to as power talons or a power fist. He leads his elite group of Chaos terminators called the Anointed.[2]