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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
Small cross.pngKolossi[1a]
Name: Kolossi Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum[2]
Sector: Formerly Charadon Sector[3b]
System: Formerly Tethras System[3b]
Affiliation: Chaos[4b], former Imperium
Class: Daemon World[4b]/Knight World[1b]
Tithe Grade: Unknown

Kolossi, now known as Korvosi[7] was a former Knight World of the Imperium.[1b] It is now a daemon world and current seat of power of the Daemon Prince Be'lakor.[4b]


Kolossi was home to the Knights of House Raven, amongst the most powerful, famed and numerous of the Questor Mechanicus Knight Houses. While it is not known with any certainty why House Raven is in possession of so many Knight suits, ancient records dating back to the settlement of the world refer to a STC archeotech long since lost. It is perhaps this miraculous technology and Kolossi's abundant natural resources that allowed House Raven to build its vast army of Knight suits. Others put forth the theory that the early settlers merely focused their output on the creation of Knight suits.[1b]

The surface of Kolossi is wracked by environmental degradation from the constant strip mining of the planet's resources and endless manufacturing. The few cities that exist on Kolossi can be found in fissures that run for hundreds of miles across the surface. These cities are powered by geothermal generatora and the population toils away in deep-core mines, forge-shrines and nutrient-gruel vats. They are ruled over by Nobles from House Raven, but they are often away on campaign and the responsibility for the administration of these cities falls upon lesser officials.[3a][4a]

The greatest of these cities is the fortress-city of the Keep Inviolate. Only the Fang on Fenris and the Emperor's Palace on Terra stand as mightier examples of such fortresses in the Imperium. Its upper heights reach past Kolossi's polluted atmosphere and out into the void of space. Likewise, its roots dig deep into Kolossi's crust and here amongst its foundation lies the Vault Transcendent, containing House Raven's massive number of Knight suits and relics.[3a][4a]


During the Charadon Campaign Kolossi met its end at the hands of the Daemon Prince Be'lakor, who unleashed a wave of darkness upon the planet. Assailed by dreams of madness, doubt, and hordes of Daemons the situation collapsed when corrupted Knights turned upon their lords. The planet fell, and the surviving elements of House Raven have now become a crusading force.[4d]


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