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Kroot Totems

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Kroot Totems are objects which benefit the Kroot Shaper bearing them in a wide variety of ways. They come in many forms, including totems, charms and paints.[1]

Types of Kroot Totem

  • Kroothawk Totem - a fetish used in ancestor worship giving the bearer foresight, allowing them to alter how they do things for what they perceive to be their own betterment.
  • Veneration Charm - valuable weapons and tools which have been used for hundreds or thousands of years. Some believe that the spirits of the ancients will guide them in the use of the piece of equipment.
  • Mark of the Favoured Child - the figure marked with this has been separated as he is destined for great things and will often be protected against attacks which would destroy others.
  • Surefoot Charm - a wind chime or cluster of bells, producing a noise which other races cannot hear, on the Shaper's rifle barrel, allowing other Kroot to follow the Shaper when stalking enemies.
  • Blood of the Stalker - the blood of local wild animals is spread over the body and due to the Kroot ability to absorb information through consumption, this enhances their ambushing skills.