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Kroshin Grenadiers

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The Kroshin Grenadiers are a well-known Imperial Guard Regiment, founded sometime before M39. The regiment consists of the strongest, most battle-hardened veterans known in the Imperium.


Before they even leave their homeworld, they are already potent warriors, hardened by Kroshin's violent volcanic landscape.

The Kroshin Grenadiers receive the best weapons and training an Imperial Guardsman could hope for, thanks to the unusually high ratio of wealthy civilians on Kroshin. The regiment consists mainly of elite Storm Troopers and a high proportion of mechanised companies. Each squad can be shuttled by Chimera transports, making them highly mobile and capable of striking a devastating blow into the heart of the enemy.

Fall of Medusa V

During the Medusa V campaign, the Grenadiers were mostly stationed in and around Hive Sybilla Primus, tasked with defending the orbital batteries, shuttle bays, and various other important sections of the Hive from the assorted armed malcontents that plagued the area since the campaign's beginning. Battle Zone Hydra was classified as Omega Hot due to the alarming number of hostile mutants, traitors and aliens that roamed its ash dunes. The battle to defend the hive was no doubt the Kroshins' finest hour as they struggled to protect the civilian populace from enemy threats.

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