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Ksi'm'yen is a Tau Sept world and a third phase colony.[4]

Map Tau Sept Data Planetary Image
Map ksi'm'yen.jpg Name Ksi'm'yen Ksi'm'yen Sept Symbol.png Unknown.jpg
Expansion: Third
Location: Eastern Fringe Ksim.jpg
Colours: White/Grey[2]


Once it was an Imperial world. After the Tau conquered it, those humans who swore their allegiance to the Greater Good were moved deeper into the Tau Empire to assure their safe life from the vengeful Imperium.[1].

This colony is largely associated with luck, subtlety, and opportunistic subterfuge. It was the first of the Third Phase Colonies, and conquered largely by stealth. While the defense forces of the world were absent, combating another threat, a large force of Tau moved in and took the world without opposition.[4]

Genestealer Infiltration

At one point, a lone Genestealer from Hive Fleet Gorgon reached Ksi’m’yen. The creature was captured by the planet’s Earth caste scientists and subjected to extensive analysis, resulting in a lowly worker being implanted with a measure of germ-seed. The grotesque anatomies that sprung up in the laboratories were seen as curious rather than blasphemous by the Earth caste, for the Tau approach to alien life forms is founded on acceptance and tolerance. When the research divisions experienced a bloody schism twenty years later, the Fire caste was called in, only to find many subterranean research facilities overrun. Ksi’m’yen is consumed by war, and quarantined for almost ten years before the eccentric Ethereal Aun’ghol declared it productive and clean.[3]