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Kystos Gaellon

Kystos Gaellon was a member of the Blood Angels Legion, who took part in the Horus Heresy's Siege of Terra.[1a]


He would be among the Imperial forces that were outside of the Imperial Palace's Eternity Gate, when it was closed near the end of the Siege. Afterwards, Gaellon became part of the Imperials that rallied under the command of the Imperial Fists Commander Archamus II. This united force fought many battles against the Traitors, but during one at the Palace's Delphine Viaduct, they bombarded the Traitors and caused them to retreat. This allowed the Imperials to gain new territory near the Viaduct and they secured it, as they waited for the Traitors to return. Captain Fafnir Rann though, sought to further expand their new territory by securing the ruins of the Hasgard Gate.[1a]

It was among the areas struck by the Imperials' bombardment and with Archamus II' permission, Rann led his forces to claim the Hasgard Gate. He would be joined by the forces of the Blood Angel Zephon and White Scar Namahi, who aided the Captain's forces in reaching the area. While the surface of the Hasgard Gate was clear of foes, the auspex of the White Scars' scouts, had detected several in the bunkers that lay beneath its surface. To clear them out would require close combat work, so Rann chose to send a small force to cleanse the area. The Captain, Zephon and Namahi would each go and also selected two members of their Legions to join them. Kystos Gaellon was among Zephon's Blood Angels forces and was chosen for the task, alongside Rinas Dol[1a]. Though it was a tough fight, the bunkers were successfully cleansed[1b] and afterwards the Gate was secured, as the Legionaries prepared for the Traitors to attack it.[1c]