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Land Speeder

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Space Marine Land Speeders

Land Speeders are light anti-gravity vehicles, serving as the primary reconnaissance, scouting, resupply and fast attack vehicles of the Imperial Space Marine Chapters.


A Land Speeder

Land Speeders are based on STC data recovered in M31 by the famous Techno-archaeologist Arkhan Land, and afterwards became widely produced and used throughout the Imperium. Land Speeders were also originally used by the Imperial Guard, but since then the plasma and anti-gravity technologies required to produce them have become increasingly rare and hard to maintain.[1a] Only extremely resource rich planets like Ryza[Needs Citation] or organisations such as the Space Marines can afford to create them. There are 50 plus Land Speeders in a typical Chapter.[1a]


The anti-gravitic plates which give the Land Speeder its ability to fly remains a mystery restricted mostly to the Tech-Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Placed around the nose and cockpit of the vehicle they create an inverse gravity field which, in combination with afterburning ramjets, allows it to climb to a height of one hundred meters but the official doctrine dictated that Land Speeders should use the ground as cover and don't climb up to high height.[1a] Though its anti-gravitic plates won't function at higher altitudes, they can be used to perform a control descent at these heights, allowing their deployment from an overflying Thunderhawk for rapid assaults.[2]

The Land Speeder is lightly armoured - indeed the power armour of its Space Marine crew provides them with more protection - instead relying on its speed and maneuverability to avoid enemy fire.[2] Its primary armament is a Heavy Bolter, although this is replaced in some Land Speeders with a Multi-Melta for anti-armour firepower.[1f]

Battlefield Role

The advantages of the Land Speeder is that it can be tasked to fulfill a variety of missions. These can range from light reconnaissance to tank-hunting and search-and-destroy operations. Land Speeders are typically fielded in squadrons of one to three vehicles, and normally piloted by Assault Marines, with each Battle Company maintaining its own stockpile. However, the majority are held by the Chapter's Reserve Companies, with the 7th Company trained and equipped to deploy en masse on Land Speeders, acting as a fast-response strike group which can be used to respond to enemy penetrations or exploit a hole in their battle lines.[2] On average the typical Chapter will have between fifty to seventy Land Speeders of various types, though this varies depending upon the Chapter's wealth or tactical doctrine. For example, the Dark Angels and White Scars, along with their successor Chapters, each field several hundred Land Speeders.[3]

Technical Information

Technical Specifications
Type Utility Skimmer[1с] Operational Ceiling 100m
Vehicle Name Land Speeder Max Speed 350kph
Forge World of Origin Mars Range 4000km in atmosphere
Known Patterns I-XXV Main Armament Heavy Bolter or Multi-Melta
Crew Pilot, Gunner Secondary Armament N/A
Powerplant 2x AS 9-60 Ramjets Main Ammunition 500 rounds
Weight 3.5 tonnes Secondary Ammunition N/A
Length 4.7m Armour
Wingspan 5.0m Superstructure 15mm
Height 3.0m Hull 15mm



Tornado variant

Land Speeder Tornadoes are more heavily armed variants of the standard Land Speeder, mounting a heavy flamer as its primary armament with a heavy bolter for additional firepower. The heavy flamer is sometimes replaced with an assault cannon, with the heavy bolter replaced with a multi-melta.[1f]

Technical Specifications
Type Attack Skimmer[1d] Operational Ceiling 100m
Vehicle Name Land Speeder Tornado Max Speed 350kph
Forge World of Origin Mars Range 4000km in atmosphere
Known Patterns III-XXII Main Armament Heavy Flamer
Crew Pilot, Gunner Secondary Armament Heavy Bolter
Powerplant 2x AS 9-60 Ramjets Main Ammunition 10 shots
Weight 3.6 tonnes Secondary Ammunition 500 rounds
Length 4.7m Armour
Wingspan 5.0m Superstructure 15mm
Height 3.0m Hull 15mm


Typhoon variant

Land Speeder Typhoons are a more heavily-armed version of the standard Land Speeder. In addition to the Heavy Bolter, it mounts twin-linked missile launchers. The heavy bolter can also be replaced with a multi-melta.[1f]

Technical Specifications
Type Attack Skimmer[1e] Operational Ceiling 100m
Vehicle Name Land Speeder Typhoon Max Speed 350kph
Forge World of Origin Mars Range 4000km in atmosphere
Known Patterns I-XIV Main Armament Twin-linked Missile Launcher
Crew Pilot, Gunner Secondary Armament Heavy Bolter
Powerplant 2x AS 9-60 Ramjets Main Ammunition 12 missiles
Weight 3.7 tonnes Secondary Ammunition 500 rounds
Length 4.7m Armour
Wingspan 5.0m Superstructure 15mm
Height 3.0m Hull 15mm


Tempest variant

The Land Speeder Tempest is unique for being fully enclosed, forgoing the Land Speeder's long-range patrol role to become a dedicated gunship.[1b]

The Tempest was first fielded by the White Scars in M38 during the Evacuation of Barac. A squadron of three Tempests, led by Veteran Sergeant Jegun, was credited with destroying a traitor[1b] Flaming Skulls[7a] Reaver Titan that was about to overrun the Chapter's command post. Sergent Jegun was killed when the Reaver fell on his Tempest and destroyed it, but his heroic sacrifice started a tradition of the White Scars naming one Tempest squadron "Jegun's Avengers". Other Chapters have used plans provided by the White Scars to create their own Tempests, such as the Dark Angels' Ravenwing, although they remain less common than Tornados and Typhoons.[1b]

Slightly larger than the standard Land Speeder, the Tempest carries heavier armour and weapons. To save on weight, the gunner is replaced with a slaved targeting system with the pilot's aim assisted by a Machine Spirit. Weaponry includes a fixed-forward Assault Cannon and twin-linked Missile Launchers controlled through a multi-spectral targeting surveyor. Despite the heavier armour, standard combat tactics remain the same, with Tempests flying nap-of-the-earth to avoid enemy fire.[1b]

Technical Specifications
Type Attack Skimmer[1b] Operational Ceiling 100m
Vehicle Name Land Speeder Tempest Max Speed 300 kph (350kph with afterburners)
Forge World of Origin Chogoris Range 4000km in atmosphere
Known Patterns II-VI Main Armament Twin-linked Missile Launcher
Crew Pilot, Gunner Secondary Armament Assault Cannon
Powerplant 2x VF-33-SD Ramjets Main Ammunition 8 missiles
Weight 4.0 tonnes Secondary Ammunition 1000 rounds
Length 5.9m Armour
Wingspan 6.2m Superstructure 20mm
Height 3.0m Hull 15mm


Land Speeder Storm[4]

Land Speeder Storms are significant modifications to the standard Land Speeder, designed for use by the Chapter's Scout Squads. Though equal to the standard model in speed and maneuverability, it trades it's heavy armament for the ability to carry five Marine Scouts into battle. It is further altered with baffled engines and a sophisticated spy array, allowing for stealthy insertions behind enemy lines.[2]

The weapons include a standard Heavy Bolter and a light Cerebus Launcher, a tri-barreled missile launcher capable of shooting frag, stun and blind rockets or other types. It is also equipped with an advanced jamming beacon that operates in both electro-magnetic and etheric bands, allowing it to interfere with enemy communications and cause teleport homers to malfunction within its area of effect. The heavy bolter can also be replaced with a heavy flamer, multi-melta or assault cannon.[2]

The exact origins of the Land Speeder Storm is unknown; it sees extensive use by the Ultramarines and Raven Guard, along with their successors, and so is thought to be one of their inventions. Conversely, the Storm is all but unheard of within the armouries of the Space Wolves and Blood Angels.[3]

Technical Specifications
Type Scout Skimmer[Needs Citation] Operational Ceiling N/A
Vehicle Name Land Speeder Storm Max Speed N/A
Forge World of Origin Unknown Range N/A
Known Patterns Unknown Main Armament Heavy Bolter
Crew Pilot + 5 Scouts Secondary Armament Cerebus Launcher
Powerplant N/A Main Ammunition N/A
Weight N/A Secondary Ammunition None
Length N/A Armour
Wingspan N/a Superstructure N/A
Height n/a Hull N/A


Land Speeder Vengeance[5]

The Land Speeder Vengeance is a large variant of Land Speeder used exclusively by the Dark Angels and their Successor Chapters. The STC design was discovered by the Dark Angels in M36.[6] Most commonly employed by their Ravenwing formations, the Land Speeder Vengeance has proven its worth on the battlefield time and time again, able to keep pace with the fastest of the Ravenwing vehicles and able to deliver devastating volleys from its deadly Plasma Storm Battery and Assault Cannon. A more archaic version of the Land Speeder Vengeance, the Ravenwing Darkshroud, is also employed by the Dark Angels and their successors.[5]


Land Speeder Proteus

The Land Speeder Proteus was a pattern of Land Speeder used by the Legiones Astartes during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[8]

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