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Lar'shi'vre Class Cruiser

Lar'shi'vre Class Cruiser[3]

The Lar'shi'vre Class Cruiser, codenamed Protector, is the Tau's main fighting vessel, designed and built with the purpose of engaging and destroying the enemy in fleet actions.


Two Protectors formed the core of the Tau fleet during the Taros Campaign, and inflicted heavy losses on the Imperium's transport ships.[1a]

The Lar'shi'vre is well-armed with Gravitic Launchers, Railgun batteries, and an Ion Cannon, as well as being able to transport up to two squadrons of Barracudas or Mantas. While it lacks the bulk of many Cruisers, this firepower allows it to fight Imperial Navy cruisers on even terms.[1a] As well as the standard variant, there is also a T'olku variant that sacrifices some of its attack craft complement for a port and starboard Ion Cannon, making it more of a gunship than other tau cruisers.[2a]; and a Vior'la variant which also sacrifices some of its attack craft for experimental long-range Ion Cannons.[2b]

Notable Lar'shi'vre Cruisers


Protector Class Vessel.