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Leagues of Votann Fleet

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The void ability of the Kin of the Leagues of Votann is formidable, with their spacecraft tending to be enormous in size, firepower, and build. Even their smaller vessels match most races' Cruisers for armored bulk, shielding, and firepower.[1a]


Each vessel of the Kin is commanded by a Voidmaster - a captain skilled in every aspect of spacefaring and often augmented towards these towards. Each is supported by Ironkin Wayfinders who have the ability to navigate the Warp much in the way of Imperial Navigators.[1a]


When navigating the Imperium, Kin vessels utilize electromagnetic scoops to power hydrogen ramjets that - while not the swiftest means of propulsion - are arranged in such clever profusion as to render Kin ships balletic, despite their huge size.[1a] Some weaponry utilized by Leagues vessels include Conversion Beam batteries and Drill Torpedos while they commonly utilized Weavefield Projectors for protection.[1b]

For Warp travel, the Kin are equally steady in their approve. They utilize Warp Drives and Gellar Field generators of superior design and reliability than any Human counterpart. Aided by Ironkin Wayfinders, their vessels tend to make short, controlled jumps during which the Kin may take the time to harvest energistic skeins from within the Immaterium, or even board Space Hulks for salvaging. Despite their superior Warp Drive designs' reliability and accuracy, long-distance Warp travel is slower than that of Humanity.[1a]

Known Ship Classes

Known Ship Classes
Name Images
Bastion Class Commerce Vessel
Demiurg Bastion Class Vessel.jpg
Stronghold Class Commerce Vessel