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Legienstrasse was the first and last "graduate" of the renegade Maerorus Temple of the Officio Assassinorum.[1x]


Legienstrasse, and the temple as a whole, were expected to operate without any weapons during missions. The assassins were to be trained well-enough the first kill was guaranteed. Then using membranes along their bodies, the Maerorus assassins would absorb the biomass of the victim. Using the new genetic material to force massive, rapid mutations across their bodies, the assassin would continue to kill, absorbing new biomass and growing ever more powerful. It was considered virtually impossible for a Maerorus Assassin to be killed.[1x]

Being female, and thanks in no small part to the xenos DNA used to create her, Legienstrasse was able to lay eggs to create more assassins. At least one clutch of these eggs were known to have hatched and an entire company of Imperial Guard troopers were eaten alive by the infants. The Officio Assassinorum spent centuries hunting down every last offspring. It is unclear if they succeeded.[1a]

In combat, Legienstrasse proved to be a near god-like foe. During a confrontation in the city of Krae, Legienstrasse was able to combat Captain Lysander of the Imperial Fists, a squad of Assault Marines and 1st Company Veterans, the Imperial Fists Chapter's Emperor's Champion and a Grand Master of the Culexus Temple, while simultaneously dodging sniper fire from a Scout Squad and Grand Master Skult of the Vindicare Temple. The Culexus Master Lady Syncella was killed, alongside a number of Imperial Fists.[1b]

In a second battle, Captain Lysander led a squad of Terminators, the Epistolary of the 1st Company, Emperor's Champion Ucalegon, Grand Master Skult of the Vindicare, and an Eversor operative against Legienstrasse. Only the Eversor berserker was able to stand toe-to-toe with the Maerorus assassin, but even he was defeated. Knowing that Eversor assassins exploded after dying, a deliberate result of their cocktail of chemicals and drugs, Lysander used the Black Sword of the fallen Ucalegon to pin both the Eversor assassin and Legienstrasse to a pillar. The resulting explosion crippled the Maerorus, poisoning her. Lysander cut her head from her shoulders with the still intact sword, but the Maerorus assassin continued to live. Only by finally smashing her body to dust with his Thunder Hammer was Lysander able to finally kill the Maerorus assassin. Only Lysander survived the final confrontation with Legienstrasse.[1c]