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The Legio Astorum (also known as the Warp Runners) is a Titan Legion based on the Forgeworld Lucius in the Segmentum Obscurus.[8] They are known to have been active since, at least, the Great Crusade and fought on the Loyalist side during the Horus Heresy.

Colour Scheme Legion Info Symbol
Name: Legio Astorum
Alternative name: Warp Runners
Affiliation: Imperium
Founded: Pre-Great Crusade
Forge World: Lucius
Colours: Deep blue with yellow/flames
Strength: Unknown

The Legio Astorum are the only Legio with god-machines that can be teleported straight into battle. This is a point of pride of Lucians and the matter of envy of other Legio.[8]


Legio Astorum Titans in combat

The Great Crusade

During the middle years of the Great Crusade, forces of the Legio Astorum fought on Kamenka Troika alongside with forces from the Thousand Sons Legiones Astartes and the PanPac Eugenians of the Imperial Army against a huge force of Orks. This task was issued by the Emperor himself, and proved a difficult one for all involved. The campaign took two years to complete and caused significant Imperial casualties, including almost an entire Fellowship of the Thousand Sons and the entirety of the Legio Astorum detatchment.[1a]

In the aftermath of the campaign, the Thousand Sons decided to honour the Legio Astorum by recovering the wreck of the last Astorum Titan to fall, Canis Vertex, repairing and transporting her to Prospero to mount upon the pyramid of the Pyrae Cult. Canis Vertex would walk once more around a century later, during the Burning of Prospero.[1b]

The Horus Heresy

Warp Runners Reaver and Warhound (by Forge World)

The Legion is known to have fought in various engagements during the Horus Heresy, including the famed Battle of Tallarn as well as the Scouring of the Ollanz Cluster and Battle of Beta-Garmon.

They are also recorded as having destroyed a combined battleforce of Emperor's Children traitor marines and Titans of the rebel Tiger Eyes Legio at some point during the Heresy.[2]

13th Black Crusade

During the 13th Black Crusade the Warp Runners supplied forces in the defense of Cadia. They fought alongside the Howling Griffons and the Drookian Fen Guard on Amistel Majoris against Plague Marines of the Death Guard. The fighting devolved into brutal trench warfare.[3]

On the factory world Demios Primary the Legio Astorum are known to have combated elements of the Black Legion and the Extinction Angels.[Needs Citation]

Other campaigns and battles

Notable Personnel

  • Varr HaraxPrinceps Senoris during the Horus Heresy.[9]
  • Rand Drauca — Reaver Titan Princeps Praetorian[4]
  • Kask — first Princeps of Fortunata Imperiatrix
  • Talon — Princeps of Fortunata Imperiatrix, over 100 kills
  • Silberman - Princeps of Fortunata Imperiatrix, shot by a sniper
  • Marnoc - Princeps of Fortunata Imperiatrix on Tallarn, successor of Silberman
    • ToalModeratus of Fortunata Imperiatrix on Tallarn
    • Hazan — Moderatus of Fortunata Imperiatrix on Tallarn
    • Warden — Moderatus of Fortunata Imperiatrix on Tallarn
  • Kurtz — a Warhound Princeps on Tallarn

Known Titans


Notes on colour-scheme

Whilst the Warp Runners have consistently been depicted as having a deep blue livery with yellow heads, the original Adeptus Titanicus-era minatures combined this with bold flame-patterns which have been absent from most (though not all) of the more modern Forge World models.

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