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Legio Invicta

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Legio Invicta is a Titan Legion principally known for its defence of the Forge World Orestes in the year 779.M41.[1]

Legion Info
Name: Legio Invicta
Alternative name: Unknown
Affiliation: Imperium
Founded: Unknown
Forge World: Proximus
Colours: Crimson and brass
Strength: Unknown


The earliest known appearance of Legio Invicta in current records occurred in the year 412.M35, during the War of Lochrisus, when the Legio disobeyed the orders of Warmaster Gallivant. Their decision proved to be the correct one. After this, they are next known of in the middle of M41, when they were forced to eliminate Warmaster Hengis when he was judged clinically insane. Prior to the campaign on Orestes, Invicta is recorded as waging war against the Eldar in a 7-year campaign in the Beltran cluster. Though this campaign was successful, Invicta lost 8 Titans to their Eldar equivalents.[1]

Legio Invicta's most famous known action, the defence of Orestes - or Execution K494103 - took place amidst controversy; the Legio had already been ordered to deploy into the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, but chose to disobey this instruction in order to come to the aid of their Adeptus Mechanicus brethren. During the campaign (or 'walk', as it is known in the Legio parlance) a faction of the Orestes Magi attempted sedition and the Legio was forced to choose whether to enforce the will of the Orestean Magi or the world's Imperial Governor. Surprisingly, Invicta sided with the Imperial Governor and forced the Orestean Magi to stand down. Despite this complication, the walk was completed successfully.[1]

Legio Invicta walked on Orestes with 49 Titans as its reported strength.[1]

Named Titans and Personnel[1]

  • Dominatus Victrix — Warlord
    • Guido Prinzhorn — Princeps
    • Zane Tarses — Moderati
    • Anil — Steersman
    • Kalder — Sensori
    • Timon — Tech-Priest
    • Fairika — Famulous to the Princeps
  • Sicarian Faero — Warlord
    • Vancent Kung — Princeps
    • Daross — Moderati
  • Ajax Excelsus
    • Levin — Princeps
  • Cour Valant — Warlord
  • Philopos ManixReaver
    • Stent Racine — Princeps
  • Lupus LuxWarhound
    • Leyden Krugmal — Princeps
  • Morbius Sire — Warhound
    • Maximillian Filias Orfuls — Princeps
    • Strakhov — Moderati
    • Zemplin — Tech-Priest
  • Martial Nox — Warhound, Destroyed
    • Talentine — Princeps
  • Raptus Solemnus — Warhound
  • Amadeus Phobos
  • Vengesus Gressor
  • Gladius Argon
  • Kalix Avenger
  • Valorus Aqulia — Destroyed

Other personnel

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