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Librarium Daemonica

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The Librarium Daemonica is a unique respository of knowledge on the warp and Chaos that is housed within the Grey Knights' Fortress-Monastery on Titan.[1] It is situated within the darkest corner of the Sanctum Sanctorum, heavily guarded, where its knowledge is held within the age-worn oaken cabinets that hold crumbling scrolls, gnarled tomes along with tarnished blackened datacrystals located within the twisting corridors.[2]

This collection had been painstakingly put together by the Ordo Malleus over millennia, until the knowledge has come to reside in this gloomy and forbidden place, held in tens of thousands of tomes of arcane lore. All these tomes are cracked with age and heavy with psychic evil that had been brought upon the universe. Essential tenets of warp lore contained within the Librarium are duplicated in the contents of the Liber Daemonicum that is worn by the Grey Knights which serves as one of their greatest weapons.[1]

The threat of this dark knowledge is a serious matter, as it can do great damage were it to fall into the wrong hands. For this reason, the Librarium's security is second only to that of the Emperor's Palace. There exists three sets of adamantium walls that are several meters thick and are protected by sigilite enchantments that were inscribed in languages which are long dead. These have been anointed and consecrated in oils, and inscribed with silver seals of warding. Only three points of entry allow access to the chamber: the first portal is a cipher-locked blast door, the second a spatial displacement field and the third and final one is a magickal vortex. A senior Librarian guards each portal, and failure to present the correct authorisation codes at each portal is met with instant death.[2]

Canon Conflicts

Ben Counter's novel Grey Knights, places the Librarium Daemonicum on Saturn's moon of Tethys, rather than in the Grey Knights Fortress-Monastery on Titan.[3]