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|Mentioned as an editorial note by [[Inquisitor]] Amberley Vail of the [[Ordo Xenos]] in the diary of [[Ciaphas Cain]].
|Mentioned as an editorial note by [[Inquisitor]] Amberley Vail of the [[Ordo Xenos]] in the diary of [[Ciaphas Cain]].
|From the novel [[Death Or Glory]] of the Ciaphas Cain Series by [[Sandy Mitchell]]
|From the novel [[Death Or Glory (Novel)|Death Or Glory]] of the Ciaphas Cain Series by [[Sandy Mitchell]]
|[[Herald of Grief]]
|[[Herald of Grief]]

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The listed names are the codenames which the Imperium assigns to the otherwise nameless Space Hulks they discover.

List of notable Space Hulks:

Name Infestation Notes Sources
Alveus Alpha Alpha Sextus Orks Carried Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka to Armageddon for Second War for Armageddon Battle for Armageddon board game (free to download) (accessed 26-05-2007)
Brokenback Cleansed by the Soul Drinkers Space Marine Chapter. Base of the Soul Drinkers. Soul Drinker Series by Ben Counter
Captor of Sin Chaos (Tzeentchian) renegades Cleansed by Fire Claws (aka Relictors) Index Astartes II
Death of Integrity Genestealers, Hybrids Cleansed by Novamarines and Blood Drinkers Warhammer 40,000: Compilation
Devourer of Stars Chaos Space Marines (World Eaters) and Angron Delivered Chaos Space Marines to Armageddon for First War for Armageddon Chaos Attack board game (free to download) (accessed 26-05-2007)
Dolorous Tidings Unknown Mentioned as an editorial note by Inquisitor Amberley Vail of the Ordo Xenos in the diary of Ciaphas Cain. From the novel Death Or Glory of the Ciaphas Cain Series by Sandy Mitchell
Herald of Grief Chaos Space Marines Destroyed by Ultramarines Honour Guard's seismic detonator on approach to Cadian system during the 13th Black Crusade. Estimated 200,000 dead Chaos forces. The 13th Black Crusade
Judgment of Carrion Tyranids Periodically appears from the Warp in subsector Aurelia, near the Blood Ravens recruiting worlds. Was involved in the heresy of that sector. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II
Monolith of Woe Chaos Space Marines (Lords of Decay) Currently pursued in the Mentieth sector. Codex: Chaos Space Marines (4th Edition)
Prison of Lost Souls Chaos Space Marines Previous failed assault by Space Wolves - Cleansed by Dark Angels Deathwing (short story)
Perdition's Flame In order to lure Hive Fleet Leviathan into attacking the Ork Empire of Octarius, Inquisitor Kryptman planted a brood of Genestealers on board and then destroyed the moon of Gheist in order to divert the hulk's trajectory directly towards the Octarius system. The Genestealer's psychic signal soon drew a tendril of Leviathan towards them. Codex: Tyranids (5th Edition), 28-31
Scion of Anguish Possibly Chaos Space Marines/Aliens Investigation attempted to ascertain the likelihood of life upon this hulk under the sway of Chaos. Investigated by Commodore Bale and his strike group with the Mordant 303rd Acid Dogs attached. Investigations centred around the Caeruleus Nebula. The 13th Black Crusade
Scylla Orks Base of operations of the Warlord Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub. Its Ork name is Ognazdreg Gargdurslagulk (translating to "Nazdreg's huge fortress settlement ship"). Supposedly Nazdreg's Mekaniaks had managed to modify the Hulk to allow the Orks to take control over its movement, which would explain its ability to have consistently outmaneuvered and escaped the Imperial ships sent to destroy it. It was crippled at Piscina IV and finally destroyed at Medusa V. Codex: Orks (2nd Edition),
Codex: Orks (3rd Edition)
Sin of Damnation Genestealers Assaulted by Blood Angels First Company under Michaelus Raphael Space Hulk (Game), 1989
Spawn of Execration Genestealers Assaulted by Blood Angels First Company under Commander Borgia Space Hulk (Game), second edition
Unholy Harbinger Necrons Breaks from warp near Cloras jump point Codex: Necrons (3rd Edition)

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