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Living Ancestor[1]

Living Ancestors are the Psykers of the Squat race.[1]


The typical lifespan for a Squat is about 300 years. However, a small portion of the population can live up to 800 years. This select part of Squat society is treated with enormous respect; members are known as Living Ancestors or Spirit Lords. They are treated as living members of the ancestor group which forms the basis of Squat religion. Their long lives have filled them with wisdom, as well as enhanced their psychic potential, which begins to manifest at around 500 years old. The fact that psychic powers are practically unknown amongst other Squats makes the Living Ancestor doubly venerated.[1]

When a Squat reaches Living Ancestor status, he surrenders his name and his goods to his descendants, and even has a funeral ritual held by his clan. After, the Living Ancestor goes to live with the rest of his kind and will often advise Lords of various Squat strongholds.[1]


Living Ancestors are briefly mentioned in the revamped Leagues of Votann codex, but their current status in the modern lore remains unknown.[2]


Living Ancestor Miniature