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Lord of Virulence

A Lord of Virulence[1]

Lords of Virulence are powerful Nurgle-tainted Chaos Lords of the Death Guard.[1] They have taken up the Mantle of Virulence, and are masters of massed bombardment, hammering their enemies with heavy firepower and decimating their ranks in the manner of a lethal infection laying their victim low.[2]

Tubes and pipes erupt in profusion from the Lord of Virulence's armour. From these gout noxious fumes, putrid eruptions whose hue and stench guide the fire of artillery engines behind the lines. Behind them their flensefrond cloaks leave a trail of mucosal slime for hungry Daemon Engines to follow.[3a]

Clad in his mutilated Terminator armour, he is adorned with the signs of symbols of Grandfather Nurgle's many blessings. Armed with a twin plague spewer and plague claw, he is ready to spread these diseases across the galaxy.[4]

Notable Lords of Virulence