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Year Event Source
M18-M22 Dark Age of Technology: the Warp drive is invented which leads to a faster colonisation of the galaxy resulting in the founding of empires and federations. Humankind encounters the first Xenos and the first Alien Wars are fought out. Psykers begin to appear amongst the human population and are scientifically proven to exist. Galaxy In Flames page 410
c. M18 Commoragh establishes itself as the primary node of the Webway. As it is entirely within the Webway, Commoragh is outside the Eldar councils' jurisdictions, making it a haven for those who want to avoid their attention. Codex: Dark Eldar (5th Edition) pg. 20
c. M18-M20 The self-indulgent come to power in Eldar society, relocating their domains to the Webway. They steal stars to power their growing holdings, careless of the dead systems they leave in their wake. Ibid.

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