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Year Event Source
Battle of the Fang: Magnus the Red and the Thousand Sons attack Fenris as revenge for the destruction of Prospero. Codex: Space Wolves (2nd Edition), [Needs Citation];
Space Wolf (Novel) by William King, Chapter Seventeen;
Battle of the Fang (Novel) by Chris Wraight, [Needs Citation]
ca. M32 The Temple of the Savior Emperor is recognized as the official religion of the Imperium, given the title of Adeptus Ministorum.

[Conflicting sources] The timeline in Blood of Martyrs is a millennium behind other sources.

Codex Imperialis (Background Book) [Needs Citation]; Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Rulebook pg. 158; Dark Heresy: Blood of Martyrs pg. 35
ca. M32 A slave in Commoragh named Vect vows to rule the Dark City. He founds the Cult of the Black Heart, whose members are the first to openly call themselves Eladrith Ynneas (Dark Eldar), and lays down the Thirteen Foundations of Vengeance. Codex: Dark Eldar (5th Edition) pg. 20
ca. M32 A furious Warp storm sends the prison ship Maleziel off-course and it crashes on a planet in the Koronus Expanse. Approximately ten thousand of its crew and complement survive the crash. Rogue Trader: Into the Storm pg. 14
M32+ The surviving Loyalist Primarchs reportedly die or disappear over the following millennia. Codex: Space Marines (3rd Edition) pg. 47


Year Event Source
c. 100.M32 The Cursus of Alganar on Tallarn activates, allowing daemons to invade the planet. Eldar from Biel-tan craftworld attack both the daemons and the planet's defenders, unsure of Chaos taint. A truce is called and both parties push the incursion back and seal the rift. Codex: Chaos Daemons (6th Edition), pg. 20
161.M32 A warp storm cuts off Ichtar IX's mining colonies from the Imperium. When the storm abates nine centuries later, all twenty million inhabitants are gone. Codex: Chaos Daemons (6th Edition), pg. 20
170.M32 A Raven Guard task force under Shadow Captain Kalleniger enters the Dark Marches to take vengeance on Dynat Mal for the Battle of Lyx. The task force finds only cold ruins. They find the wreck of Occam's Razor on Apollyon over a ravine filled with the remains of Mal's warband, mutants, Iron Hands, White Scars, eldar, and other unidentifiable xenos. Raven Guard Librarians urge the task force to leave the Dark Marches. Imperial Armour Volume Twelve - The Fall of Orpheus pg. 16


Year Event Source
ca. 200.M32 Ecclesiarch Veneris II becomes a High Lord of Terra. Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Rulebook pg. 159; Dark Heresy: Blood of Martyrs pg. 35
221.M32 A rebellion on Vheinos sees the Skitarii of Lucius enact rad warfare protocols. After a month the planet is reduced to a lifeless wasteland. Codex: Skitarii (7th Edition), The March of Time
243.M32 Inquisitor Damakso first postulates that Chaos gods must use mortals to manifest their power in the physical universe. White Dwarf 259


Year Event Source
c. 400.M32 Perturabo unleashes a plague curse on Toil that eventually scours the planet of all life. Codex: Chaos Space Marines (6th Edition) pg. 22


Year Event Source
ca. 500.M32 The Ecclesiarch's seat on the High Lords of Terra becomes a permanent position. Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Rulebook pg. 159
544.M32 War of the Beast. An Ork Warboss known only as the Beast forms an enormous army of Orks that rampages across the Imperium. He is eventually stopped at great cost to the Adeptus Astartes. Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Rulebook, pgs. 168 & 201; The Beast Arises
An Imperial combat mission goes to Ardamantua to eradicate a xenos threat discovered perilously close to Terra. An ork Attack Moon appears in orbit, causing catastrophic geological stresses. The orks overwhelm the Imperial forces on Ardamantua and in orbit, killing Lord Commander Militant Heth and wiping out all but one battle-brother of the Imperial Fists Chapter. I Am Slaughter
The Beast's Waaagh! continues to destroy Imperial worlds, including the hive world Undine, forge worlds Incus Maximus and Malleus Mundi, and the Fists Exemplar home world Eidolica. The defenders of Undine detonate three Heresy-era virus bombs to deny their world's resources to the enemy. Predator, Prey
The Imperial Navy engages an Ork Attack Moon at Port Sanctus. Meanwhile, Captain Koorland invokes the Last Wall protocol, arranging a meeting in the Phall system with representatives from Imperial Fists successor Chapters. Tensions between the High Lords of Terra threaten the stability of the Senatorum Imperialis. Another Attack Moon appears in orbit of Holy Terra. The Emperor Expects
Ecclesiarch Mesring calls a Proletarian Crusade against the ork Attack Moon at Terra. Without the bulk of the Imperial Navy present, Juskina Tull recalls as much of the Merchant Fleet as will comply to carry the Crusade force, which consists chiefly of untrained Terran civilians. Another arm of the ork army takes Klostra from the Iron Warriors. The orks at Terra crush the Proletarian Crusade force by manipulating the surface of their Attack Moon and then dispatch a messenger to the High Lords of Terra, who demands the Imperium's surrender. An Eldar warhost arrives in Terran orbit. The Last Wall
A Harlequin troupe from the Masque of the Ceaseless Song penetrates the Imperial Palace to deliver a message to the Emperor, but is wiped out and the Inquisition interrogates its Shadowseer. The fleet of the Brotherhood of the Last Wall engages the ork Attack Moon at Terra, taking heavy losses before they manage to disable it. Black Templars and Iron Warriors under Marshal Magneric and Warsmith Kalkator engage a massive ork force at Dzelenic IV. The High Lords of Terra continue to fracture to infighting and Koorland contemplates taking action against them. Throneworld
The Black Templars vessel Obsidian Sky is lost when Marshal Magneric rams it into an ork carrier. The carrier strikes Vandis with a gravitic weapon that causes the star to collapse into a black hole. Chapter Master Koorland leads a coup against Udin Macht Udo, replacing him as Lord Commander of the Imperium. Warsmith Kalkator destroys Prax to deny its resources to the Beast. Argus Van Auken apprehends Eldon Urquidex before he can inform Drakan Vangorich that the Adeptus Mechanicus knows that the Beast's base of operations is on Ullanor. Echoes of the Long War
Lack of communication causes the Adeptus Astartes and Adeptus Mechanicus to briefly fire on each other at Pavonis Mons. Koorland leads a strike force to Caldera to locate Vulkan. Koorland's force joins Vulkan's fight to destroy the ork Attack Moon under construction in Caldera's orbit to secure his cooperation for the attack on the Beast's base of operations on Ullanor. The Hunt for Vulkan
The Battle of Gorkogrod. Vulkan and Koorland lead a massive Imperial force to Ullanor to strike the Beast's base of operations. Hundreds of veteran Space Marines and thousands of Astra Militarum and Adeptus Mechanicus are killed and Vulkan is lost battling the Beast itself. The Beast Must Die
545.M32 Over objections from some of the High Lords of Terra, Lord Commander Koorland creates the Deathwatch from survivors of the Ullanor campaign. Maximus Thane leads the kill teams that destroy the Attack Moon and recover the Sisters of Silence from their exile on the rogue planet Nadiries. Watchers in Death
In the second drive on Ullanor, this time with the Sisters of Silence and Deathwatch, Koorland is slain by The Beast, who is revealed to be a cabal of 6 "Prime Orks" The Last Son of Dorn (Novel)
546.M32 Maximus Thane, now Lord Commander of the Imperium, launches a third drive on Ullanor and succeeds in slaying The Beast Shadow of Ullanor (Novel)
The Beheading: Grand Master of the Officio Assassinorum Drakan Vangorich has the High Lords of Terra murdered. For the next hundred years, Vangorich rules as dictator of the Imperium with the tacit approval of Lord Commander Maximus Thane Warhammer 40,000 5th Edition Rulebook pg. 124; Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Rulebook pg. 169; Dataslate: Officio Assassinorum The Chains that Bind
552.M32 The space hulk Da Iron Worm carries marauding orks across the Uhulis Sector. They destroy Battlegroup Azezel, the Fortress Worlds Armstrong and Velgagrad, and the Forge World Temaxia, leaving the Ul-Seraph Cluster defenceless. A warp storm blasts Da Iron Worm off course and into the Empyrean. Scout vessels determine that its course took it into the Dark Marches and is never heard from again. Imperial Armour Volume Twelve - The Fall of Orpheus pg. 17
597.M32 2nd Black Crusade, a failed attack on the defences of Cadia. Liber Chaotica: Khorne[Needs Citation], *Codex: Chaos Space Marines (3rd Edition, 1st Codex)[Needs Citation]


Year Event Source
632.M32 The Dark Angels' Forgotten Wars end with heavy casualties. Codex: Dark Angels (6th Edition) pg. 22
646.M32 The Beheading. Maximus Thane leads elements from the Imperial Fists, Halo Brethren, and Sable Swords to Terra to depose Drakan Vangorich. In the ensuing battle against the Officio Assassinorum only Thane survives to execute the mad dictator The Beheading (Novel)
Chapter Master Agnathio of the Ultramarines leads an alliance of over fifty Chapter Masters to Terra to end the power struggles between various factions over the seats of the High Lords of Terra. When the Space Marines depart, there are once again twelve High Lords of Terra. Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Rulebook pg. 169


Year Event Source
751.M32 Rogue Trader Xiatal Parnevue first catalogues Naogeddon from orbit. Codex: Necrons (3rd Edition), pg. 7
773.M32 The Paradise World Terendil in the Sanctus Reach is declared Perditas. Sanctus Reach - Stormclaw



Year Event Source
909.M32 The 3rd Black Crusade of Abaddon the Despoiler begins. Codex: Chaos Space Marines (3rd Edition, 2nd Codex)[Needs Citation]
910.M32 The Firestorm. Warhammer 40,000 5th Edition Rulebook pg. 124; Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Rulebook pg. 169
990.M32 The Officio Assassinorum sends the Culexus Temple Assassin Dranos to kill the sorcerer Xantaka. Dranos, all but invisible to the sorcerer and his Rubricae bodyguard, walks up to Xantaka and annihilates him. Dataslate: Officio Assassinorum The Chains that Bind

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