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Maldovar Colquan

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Maldovar Colquan is the Tribune Actuarius of the Stratarchis of the Adeptus Custodes, charged with overseeing all operations off-Terra.[4b]


Following Tribune Italeo's death in the Second Battle of Terra, Colquan was chosen to replace him as Tribune and served as a liaison between Lord Commander Roboute Guilliman and Captain-General Trajann Valoris[2]. He joined the Indomitus Crusade and led its Custodes contingent for over a decade, including taking part in the Battle of Raukos, which signaled the end of the first phase of Crusade. While Colquan served alongside Guilliman, the Lord Commander noted that the Tribune's time on Terra had dulled much of his strategic sense, and he displayed a level of disdain for unaugmented humans that disturbed Guilliman.[1] Unlike most other Custodes, Colquan holds back barely concealed rage and was not known to be diplomatic in attitude.[3] He also maintains a strong distrust for both the reborn Guilliman and the new Primaris Space Marines.[4a]

Colquan later directed Shield-Captain Achallor to Gathalamor to conduct reconnaissance in reaction to Farseer Illiyanne Natasé's news of a major Chaos plan there that could threaten the whole Imperium. Colquan strictly instructed Achallor to only report on what he found on Gathalmor, not wishing for any of the Ten Thousand to expend their lives in fighting that could be done by other Imperial forces.[4a] However the Shield-Host of Achallor soon became swept up in the fighting, and at the climax of the battle Colquan arrived with a force of 50 Custodes which dramatically turned the tide of the campaign.[4b] After hearing of Achallor's death and burial on Gathalmor as a Saint, Colquan saw the superstitious ritual as a necessary act to exert control on the Imperium's population. Colquan went on to say that he saw the Emperor's hand in the affairs on Gathalmor.[4c]

Years later during the Plague Wars Colquan remained at Guilliman's side, highly critical of militant religious movements such as those led by the Priest Mathieu.[5a] During the climax of the Plague Wars on Iax he organized an operation to rescue Guilliman and other Imperial servants on the doomed world before Exterminatus was enacted.[5b]