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First Master Marius Gage.[2]

Marius Gage was Master of the First Chapter of the Ultramarines Legion (First Master of the Ultramarines) during the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy and second-in-command to Roboute Guilliman.[1a]


A Terran Marine, Gage was one of the original recruits to the XIII Legion.[1b] Gage was appointed as Lord Commander of his legion after the death of Gren Vosotho in the Osiris Rebellion, but became second in command following the rediscovery of Roboute Guilliman, holding the title of Chapter Master Primus.[3][5]

Marius Gage was present for the muster on Calth in preparation for the joint Ultramarines/Word Bearers assault on the Ghaslakh Xenohold. He was present for a meeting with his Primarch and fellow Chapter Masters to discuss the state of the muster on the Macragge's Honour.[1a] He was present on the bridge of the flagship when the Campanile crashed into Calth Veridian Anchor, knocking out the flagship's systems and rendering her blind.[1c] In his haste to try and restore the ship's systems, Gage forgot to simply open the blast shutters which had closed the viewports, only to see absolute devastation among the fleet. When Guilliman ordered the vox activated, he quickly realized that the Word Bearers had opened fire, something Gage could not believe.[1d]

As the violence continued, Gage said that the Word Bearers were committing a crime by continuing to attack, and urged Guilliman to authorize return of fire. Guilliman refused to allow the situation to escalate, but when attempts to negotiate with Lorgar fell on deaf ears, Gage asked if return of fire was permitted, and Guilliman granted the request, formally starting the Mark of Calth.[1e] As the fighting continued, Guilliman discovered that the attack destruction of Calth Veridian Anchor was a deliberate action on the part of the Word Bearers. Guilliman then informed Gage that he was to transfer to the Mlatus to oversee the denial of the enemy fleet's orbital bombardment of Calth. Before this could be done, Lorgar contacted Guilliman, which resulted in daemons entering the bridge and blowing out its viewports.[1f]

In the subsequent daemonic invasion, Gage was injured by a daemon, losing his hand in the process. He was saved by Aeonid Thiel, a sergeant marked for censure.[1b] Barely had Gage and the replacement crew of taken control of the Macragge's Honour's auxiliary bridge then they received vox contact with Captain Remus Ventanus of the 4th Company.[1g] Barely had contact been made when there was a vox interrupt. At this point, Gage ordered kill teams to deploy and counter Word Bearer boarding actions.[1h] Thiel's team returned with Roboute Guilliman,[1i] who then spoke with Ventanus and learned about the enemy orbital that was controlling the defence grid.[1j] Gage's alternate plan for eliminating the enemy data-engine was to teleport a kill team to the enemy orbital and destroy it. Gage refused to let Guilliman to lead the kill team, but relented after a venomous glare from the Primarch.[1k] Once the Word Bearers' control over the Calth orbital defences was broken, Gage took the Macragge's Honour toward the orbital, but was ordered by Guilliman to take the flagship in pursuit of the Infidus Imperator, the flagship of Kor Phaeron.[1l] By the time the rest of the Ultramarines fleet withdrew from the Veridian system, they had received no word from Gage or the Macragge's Honour.[1m]

After a gruelling battle inside the Empyrean, the Ultramarines' flagship succeeded in destroying the Infidus Imperator, though Kor Phaeron and a small retinue managed to escape to Sicarus. Gage addressed the survivors of the Macragge's Honour crew, ordering them to repair the damage to the ship and promising that, though it might take years or even lifetimes, they would find a way back to realspace and return to Ultramar.[4]

Gage survived the Horus Heresy and managed to make it to safe harbour. Later, following the edicts set out in Guilliman's Codex Astartes, the Ultramarines were split into a number of Successor Chapters. Gage became the first Chapter Master of the Ultramarines Chapter.[6]

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