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Masque of the Twisted Path

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Warrior and rune of the Masque of the Twisted Path[1]

The Masque of the Twisted Path is a Harlequin Company, that has a reputation for sinister deeds, considered ominous even among their fellow Harlequins[4] and has a reputation for luring unsuspecting victims into the Webway, where they vanish without a trace.[1]


During performances for their Eldar and Dark Eldar brethren, they will lead spectators on stage, only to disappear as the play reaches its climax. In battle, they will steal away friend and foe alike. Where these vanished souls go remains a mystery, though rumors suggest it is part of a plan by the Laughing God. They are known to ally with non-Eldar races as part of their own mysterious ends.[1] This has led them to kidnap souls to be used upon the field of battle be they Human, Tau, and even Ork. They fight in unsettling concert with these forced allies, whose uniforms and vehicles are marked with runes and colors of the Twisted Path. These unfortunate allies rarely survive for long, as they are intentionally hurled into harms way without compunction. Yet these kidnapped auxiliaries show not a hint of resistance, even the most fanatical Imperial warrior or brutish Ork will gladly lay down their lives for the Masque as a result of some sort of process they undergo at the hands of the Twisted Path.[5]

The goals of the Twisted Path are mysterious and unclear. They have been sighted across the entire stretch of the Galaxy and their attacks are launched seemingly at random. Often, their arrival destabilizes the balance of a warzone, usually to the detriment of all involved. In others, they trigger fresh conflicts and conduct large-scale massacres.[5]

The Twisted Path have a strange affinity with Craftworld Telennar and have often been seen performing there. Curiously, no one has ever disappeared from Telennar following a performance, though whether its inhabitants are cursed, blessed or simply not of interest to the Harlequins is unknown[2]. The Twisted Path also have a long-standing, if fraught, alliance with the Craftworld and they often march to war united in purpose. One such battle was the Soul Purge of Rhydes-Alpha, in which the Twisted Path asked Telennar to join them in eradicating the Imperium World's population - a task the dark-souled Craftworld readily accepted.[3]

Many of their battles of late have seen them taking on one of the greatest enemies of the Black Library – the Thousand Sons. Although Masque of the Twisted Path have so far enjoyed success in their endeavours, the skeins of fate show that their foes will soon return in greater numbers and they will soon need to draw in their allies for aid; to continue to triumph over the Thousand Sons.[4]

Known Members