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Mattius is a Knight of House Hawkshroud and pilots the Knight Crusader Pyrrhus Angel, a relic from the Dark Age of Technology. He is a shining exemplar of honour and valour and serves as a vassal for Sir Kenrick, as one of his chosen lance-brothers. The Pyrrhus Angel itself, however, is ill marked from taking a less than honourable deed while piloted by another Noble. It is said the ancient Knight suit was once the instrument of hundreds of civilian deaths - which was considered a necessary precaution, to prevent them from being used as sacrifices for a Daemonic incursion. Whether their deaths were really necessary or if they could have been saved is up to debate, though the act itself earned the Pyrrhus Angel its name and left a scar on its Machine Spirit. It will never forget the high cost of victory and now each Noble that inherits the Pyrrhus Angel, during the Ritual of Becoming, is imbued with a great sense of morality and compassion; in the hopes that such an atrocity will never happen again. As the latest pilot of the Pyrrhus Angel, Sir Mattius excels at long-ranged devastation, but thanks to the influence of the Knight Crusader's Machine Spirit, he always ensures that death by its hands comes to those who deserve it.[1]