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Meh'Lindi was an Imperial Assassin of the Callidus Temple, who was chosen as the subject for a unique experiment by her Clade for the purposes of infiltrating Genestealer Cults.[1]


Meh'Lindi was born Lindi[2] to a barbarian tribe on a Feral World before being recruited by the Officio Assassinorum and trained over the course of a decade.[1][2] Despite the efforts of her handlers to have her discard her old identity, she stubbornly tried to hold onto her birth name, proclaiming "Me, Lindi! Me, Lindi!" (partly due to her lack of skill with Gothic). This led to her instructors calling her Meh'Lindi.[2]

Prior to her selection for the procedure, Meh'Lindi was regarded as one of the Temple's finest infiltrators. She had even managed to disguise herself as an Eldar well enough to fool another Eldar.[1]

Later she was permanently physically altered to allow her to take a monstrous form for the purposes of infiltrating Genestealer Cults, although this prevented her from assuming any other shape other than her base human one and the monster. On her first mission after the procedure was complete, Meh'Lindi was tasked with infiltrating a cult based in the holy city of Shandabar on Sabulorb. The experiment ultimately proved a failure, however she was able to eliminate the cult's Patriarch and Magus.[1]

Some time later, Meh'Lindi came to be part of the retinue of the renegade Inquisitor Jaq Draco of the Ordo Malleus.[2]