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Missionarus Galaxia

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The Missionaria Galaxia,[1] also known as the Missionarus Galaxia,[2] and Ministorum Galaxia[8] is an Imperial organisation within the Adeptus Ministorum tasked with spreading the word of the Emperor's divinity to the farthest reaches of the galaxy.[2]


It is the duty of this group to bring the light of the Emperor to countless worlds in the galaxy with the Imperial Creed being taught to these lost planets. Thus, their mission is to spread the wisdom of the Emperor and ultimately expand the Adeptus Ministorum. To meet these needs, the Missionarus Galaxia works in a number of ways with at least one Missionary often being attached with every exploratory vessel in case Human life is encountered. Should they make contact with a lost community, the Missionary works to learn as much about their customs, culture and forms of worship whilst teaching the natives doctrines of the Imperial Creed. This can be a long process as it involves the replacing of the local primary deities with worship of the Emperor and the introduction of Ministorum practices as well as religious ceremonies. The barbaric and less desirable aspects of the native culture such as blood sacrifices are also removed. In addition, these agents of the Missionarus Galaxia are charged with watching for any other undesirable traits such as genetic mutation, Chaos worshippers or xeno influence.[5] If these methods fail, the Missionarius Galaxia is not above using more brutal and forceful methods to change the religion of a world.[7a]

Missionaries often accompany Imperial Guard, Imperial Navy, Black Templar, and Sisters of Battle forces on their expeditions across the Galaxy.[7a] In some cases, this process can take generations before it can see fruitrition and the Missionarus Galaxia is satisfied with the state of natives religion. The missionaries also make use of coded prophecies and prepared omens that can be used by their successors to better create a foothold for themselves. Among all the departments of the Adeptus Ministorum, this organisation is the most free and less disciplined. Thus, the men within their ranks tend to value initiative, courage, tolerance and intelligence above simply raw faith along with the inflexible dedication to the words of the Ecclesiarchy.[5]

Through this body is the Adeptus Ministorum able to send preachers and confessors to benight worlds throughout the galaxy.[1] The Ministorum sends agents of the Missionarus Galaxia to distant worlds in order to spread the word of the Ecclesiarch.[2] The men and women of the Missionarius Galaxia are supreme skilled orators and diplomats, and are also highly resourceful and capable combatants in order to survive in barbaric and belligerent cultures.[7a] They are also notoriously known to quickly summon the aid of the Sisters of Battle or even the Ordo Hereticus when they suspected evil from the ranks of their flocks.[7a]

The Missionarus Galaxia operates its own warships, known as Missionary Vessels.[9]

There is a position within the Missionarus Galaxia known as a Confessor-Militant, which Arnaut Tantalid held.[10]

Sisters of the Orders Sabine accompany the Missionarus Galaxia to help re-integrate newly rediscovered Human worlds into the Imperium of Man that may oppose their arrival.[7b]


In 645.M39, preachers from the Missionarus Galaxia made contact with the long-isolated Human worlds at Jerulas who they attempted to bring into the Emperor's Light. These worlds had prospered for centuries and refused to be interfered by a regime that existed thousands of light years away. The Missionarus Galaxia were accompanied by the Black Templars Chapter who commenced the Jerulas Crusade when the first missionaries were killed with their vessels destroyed.[6]

The preachers of the Missionaria Galaxia were known to have established a presence on the world of Sophano Secundus which is the reason why the planet became known to the Imperium.[1] In the early 41st millennium, Saint Casophili served as a Missionary in this organisation where he sought to bring the teachings of the Ecclesiarchy to worlds in the southern Segmentum Pacificus.[4] During the 13th Black Crusade, the rise of the heretical Cults of the Voice led to the preachers and missionaries from the Missionarus Galaxia decrying the anti-Imperial teachings of the Voice of the Emperor which spread throughout the region.[3]