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Moraz III

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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Moraz III Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Unknown
Sector: Unknown
Subsector: Unknown
System: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Unknown
Class: Death World, Jungle World[1]
Tithe Grade: Unknown

Moraz III is a Death World.[1]

The planet was not only populated with all kind of dangerous animals and plants but also infested with the Genestealer abominations. The Genestealers first arrived from the wreckage of a Rogue Trader vessel. The Cult Veridian was created on the world, but was subsequently eliminated by Catachan Jungle Fighters who used Moraz III as a training base. However, several Genestealers managed to escape, and as soon as the Catachans departed infected the world anew.[2]

A Space Marine Scout squad[1] (under command of Scout Sergeant Vicconius)[3b] of the Blood Angels Chapter retrieved the vitally important surveillance files from the dropship that was crashed on the planet, then activated the dropship and managed to escape from Moraz III.[1]

Flora and Fauna

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