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Necromunda: Gang War III

Necromunda: Gang War III
Released May 2018
Pages 48
Preceded by Necromunda: Gang War II
Followed by Necromunda: Gang War IV

Necromunda: Gang War III is the third games supplement for Necromunda: Underhive (2017).[1]


A copy of the Necromunda: Underhive boxed game is required to use this supplement.[1]

The rules included with the Necromunda: Underhive boxed game cover battles between Houses Escher and Goliath – these are not the only Houses vying for supremacy of the underhives. Necromunda: Gang War 3 introduces House Van Saar; the technological powerhouse of Necromunda, creators of the finest weapons and armour of all Houses, whose power is built around a dark secret. Along with this, the book introduces Brutes – a new type of hanger-on – and rules for expanding the role of the Arbitrator in your games of Turf War.[1]


  • Gangs of House Van Saar:

This section contains the story of House Van Saar – their love of all things technological, their incredible artisanal skill and the secret which is rapidly killing them from within – along with a detailed breakdown of their place in the hierarchy of Necromunda, and the methods by which they exact violence upon their rivals. It also contains full rules for founding a House Van Saar gang, with gang composition and an exhaustive equipment list[1]

  • Expanded House equipment lists,

including a wide range of equipment available to Houses Orlock, Escher and Goliath[1]

  • Brutes:

add extra muscle to your gang with this new type of hanger-on, including profiles and rules for the following characters: Luther Pattern Excavation Automata and ‘Kratos’’ H-Grade Servitor Ogryn[1]

  • The Trading Post:

post-battle, gang leaders come here to barter and trade for weapons and equipment from a wide array of traders and caravans – this is a huge list of wargear, weapons, armour and status items, each with listed prices and rarity[1]

  • Status Items:

3 new types of wargear available to the leadership of any gang, purchasable as normal from the Trading Post[1]

  • Arbitrated Campaigns:

building upon the rules presented in Gang War 1, this section expands the role of the Arbitrator, presents different kinds of campaign and introduces a host of new events and scenarios. This section includes guidance on the role of an Arbitrator, along with a collection of campaign ideas which alter the guidelines set out in the Turf War campaign system.[1]

  • Rules for multiplayer games, with 2 specific scenarios[1]
  • Rules and background for the following Hired Guns:

Grub Targeson (AKA Grumpy Knox), Mad Dog MonoHive Scum, Belladonna – Noble Bounty Huntress[1]

  • Scenery of the Underhive:

a showcase of a specially built diorama that provides a glimpse into the rusting depths of a Necromundan Hive, using Citadel scenery kits to create a vast vertical environment brimming with dark shadows, sinister machines and potential flashpoints.[1]