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A Nekulli shown here in purple.[3]

The Nekulli are a minor alien race about which little is known.


A nekulli traveling in the entourage of a Rogue Trader in the Helican subsector was described as: "Slender and humanoid, but with long spine-scales flowing back from his scalp. The nekulli's eyes were white slits, his nose virtually absent, his lower jaw thrust forward. Two thin fangs hooked up from his underbite over his top lip. Like all nekulli, he walked with a hunch-shouldered waddle."[1a]

Nekulli were mentioned as traders in the free trade station Bonner's Reach, and a nekulli was also encountered as a bodyguard.[1b]


Nekullia Whisperlance

The Whisperlance is a known Nekulli weapon. It has a saw-toothed edge for close combat, also very likely has a ballistic function, and possibly also a musical/aural function.[2]

Their spaceships are long, slender craft with saw-toothed prows.[4]

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