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Neural Whip

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Repentia Mistress armed with Neural Whips

The Neural Whip is a whip that may be manufactured as either a shock or Power Weapon.

The power variant is primarily utilized by the Sisters of Battle, particularly Repentia Mistresses. The flailing, psycho-conductive neural whips are as much symbols of the rank of Repentia Mistress as they are vicious weapons that lash out at the enemy of the Emperor before they are able to strike back.[1]

The shock variant is more common, and used by a wide range of individuals from cruel overseers to murderous heretics. While the weapon has a variety of designs, the weapon is typically a one-handed weapon, thicker than a normal whip, with metallic lines and each cord ending in a heavy-impact weight. At low settings they are often used to “encourage” workers or ratings to increase their productivity. Higher settings can stun an enemy or drop them dead in a single strike. Even unpowered, each blow from the whip can rip through flesh and primitive armours, causing painful and often deadly lacerations. Most neural whips are able to strike foes up to three metres away.[2][3][4]

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