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Nexus Axiomatic

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The Nexus Axiomatic is a vast Terran fortress that is the headquarters of the Merchant Fleets of the Imperium and the domain of the Speaker for the Chartist Captains.[1a]

A massive structure, the original foundations of the Nexus Axiomatic were laid down centuries before the Imperium was created. Every hereditary charter is issued from within the Nexus, and records detailing every statistic on transportation, tithe-collection and inter-system trade are housed there as well. As a result, the fortress contains billions of documents that its adepts store within depositories. The Nexus is also home to large transmitters that constantly collect and broadcast merchant shipping data from relay stations.[1a] Within the Nexus are the Magister Calculo Horarium, horrifically genetically modified beings subsisting in vats whose duty it is to coordinate shipping traffic across the Imperium.[1b]

Many of its records were almost lost in the Siege of Terra, when the forces of Horus nearly destroyed the Nexus, before the Traitors were defeated. In the Heresy's aftermath, the Nexus was rebuilt overtime to its current form, and the Speaker created the armed Praeses Mercatura to ensure its protection. Unlike the decaying structure of many other edifices across Terra, the Nexus Axiomatic in M41 continues to exude wealth and opulence, reflecting the fabulous riches of the Merchant Fleet.[1a]

Deep within the Nexus Axiomatic are a series of ancient murals depicting the history of space travel. The first image shows a robed figure overlooking the first Warp Engine, the second is the same man this time appearing by the first Gellar Field generator. The third image shows a Throne in the void, while the fourth displays a fetus curled up in a cartouche-shaped vial with a flame burning in its forehead.[1b]