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No'akei (Daughter of Pain) The former handmaiden of Asdrubael Vect and former member of the Kabal of the Black Heart, she was originally Vect's personal protector and as a result, one of the most powerful Dark Eldar in Commorragh. For reasons known only between the two, No'akei fell out of favor with her master and found herself exiled from Commorragh.

Rather than laying low, her banishment fueled her thirst for revenge. Her raiding force grew as she secured victory after victory against her enemies and other Dark Eldar Kabals flocked to her in their support as the number of slaves captured in her name grew exponentially.

Her jealousy of Vect's power spurred her on, with the overall goal of casting down her former master and seizing all under his control for her own, she set her eyes on the turmoiled planet of Medusa V. She assaulted the planet in an effort to capture slaves by the million so that on her return to Commorragh she would have enough souls to bribe those who would otherwise remain loyal to the Lord of the Black Heart and allow her to possibly implement the greatest coup in Dark Eldar history.

However, on her triumphant return to face Vect, she was betrayed by her own commanders, as is the nature of the Dark Eldar. Her current fate is unknown but is likely that her death would have been considered far too lenient.