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The Noctal are a spindly insectoid species, that conquered the Imperium world Mearopyis and enslaved its population.[1]


The Noctal had controlled the world for several thousand years, until the Imperium returned in late M41. A large Imperial Navy fleet and three-quarters of a million Astra Militarum Guardsmen are now attempting to reclaim Mearopyis from their dominance. The species was caught off guard by the invasion, and while they have superior numbers, no unified resistance has been brought to bear against the Imperium. However, the Noctal are fighting back with their Superdestroyer warships and their dart-shaped fighters. While the Noctal's fighters are swift and agile, able to outmaneuver their Imperial counterparts, they are outnumbered and incapable of orbital flight. This has allowed the Imperial Navy's Thunderbolts and their compliment of the Marauder Bomber to safely bomb and fire upon the Noctal's forces on Mearopyis. The Navy’s assets are focused on taking out targets that block the path of the Astra Militarium, who are charged with seizing the Noctal's capital on the planet. When the capital falls, the Imperials believe the world will be theirs once again.[1]

Known Armaments

  • Superdestroyers - Armored silver-grey with Energy Shields, defense turrets and shoot white las-fire[1]
  • Fighters - Shaped like metallic blunt darts, with stubby triangular delta wings. These wings stretch from in front of the fighters' cockpit, to their rears. They shoot green las-fire and have four tail fins, that are surrounded by bright blue jets. While the fighters are swift and agile, they are incapable of orbital flight[1]
  • Armored vehicles capable of hitting the Imperium's fightercraft.[1]
  • Fuel tanks[1]