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O'Ryn was a Tau Commander, who led the Empire's Fire Caste against the forces of Chaos on Junica, in the aftermath of the Second Agrellan Campaign.


The battle on Junica had gone badly though for the T'au and after suffering unacceptable losses, the Ethereal Supreme Aun'Va met with O'Ryn to discuss the war's poor progress. However disaster struck during their meeting, when a Chaos tank shell struck the T'au's war camp and the resulting explosion engulfed the Supreme Ethereal. Miraculously though, it was is revealed that while his entire retinue was slain, Aun'va himself escaped any harm. Few knew the truth however, that the real Aun'Va had died during the Second Agrellan Campaign and only a solid-light hologram of the Supreme Ethereal was present on Junica.[1]

However when Aun'Va's hologram ordered O'Ryn to buy time for reinforcements to arrive by sending her remaining warriors to Junica's front lines, she refused. Unthinkably, she felt no compunction to obey Aun'Va's command and declared there was no point in wasting lives in a war that was already lost to them. By disobeying Aun'Va's command, O'Ryn became the first T'au to refuse an Ethereal's order since O'Shovah. The T'au Empire could not let this stand and days later, an Edification Corps fleet descended upon Junica to take O'Ryn and her entire command into custody. By then however, the Commander and her loyal Fire Warriors had long fled to the safety of the Farsight Enclaves. Intent on ensuring word of O'Ryn's refusal of Aun'Va's order did not spread however, the Edification Corps sequestered everyone on Junica who witnessed the encounter between the two. As for the remaining Fire Caste cadres on Junica, they are broken up and dispersed across the T'au Empire.[1]