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O'ran Shui'sassai

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O'ran Shui'sassai was a T'au ambassador.[1a] Part of the T'au Empire delegation active on the Imperial world of Gravalax, he was the highest ranking member of the Water Caste on the planet.[1b]

As part of a political maneuvering between the t'au and humans on Gravalax, Shui'sassai was present at a party held in Governor Grice's palace in Mayoh. While there, he was the target of an assassination and was shot by a bolt pistol, resulting in riots breaking out throughout the city between pro-t'au xenoists and Imperial loyalists.[1b] It later transpired that the assassin was Governor Grice himself, who was secretly a Genestealer Cultist who wished to pit the humans and t'au against one another.[1c]