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O'var, short for Shas'o Tash'var Ol'nan B'kak (which loosely translates as Commander Brightsword[1a], was a student of Commander Farsight and the commander of Es'Tau.[1a]

Following the Second Phase Expansion Brightsword led the Tau forces against the Imperium attacking the world of Nimbosa.[2] During the initial assault he annihilated the Vostroyan Firstborn IX at the battle for Polia.[3] When the Imperium counter-attacked, Brightsword wiped out the first invasion force at a battle now known as the Koloth Gorge Massacre.[2] As a result of his particularly brutal tactics he was recalled back to T'au[2] and the world of Nimbosa was reconquered by the Imperium shortly after.[3] He was assassinated by The Last Chancers with the help of some members of the Water Caste who feared his aggression would spark an unnecessary war with the Imperium.[1x]

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