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O'var, short for Shas'o Tash'var Ol'nan B'kak (which loosely translates as Commander Brightsword1 p.167), was a student of Commander Farsight and the commander of Es'Tau. Following the Second Phase Expansion Brightsword led the Tau forces against the Imperium attacking the world of Nimbosa.2 During the initial assault he annihilated the Vostroyan Firstborn IX at the battle for Polia.3 When the Imperium counter-attacked Brightsword wiped out the first invasion force at a battle now known as the Koloth Gorge Massacre.2 As a result of his particularly brutal tactics he was recalled back to T'au2 p.15 and the world of Nimbosa was reconquered by the Imperium shortly after.3 p.57 He was assassinated by The Last Chancers with the help of some members of the Water Caste who feared his aggression would spark an unnecessary war with the Imperium.1


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