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Officio Assassinorum Quotes

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This article collects all statements made by, or concerning, the Officio Assassinorum. This page is organized along slightly different lines. First come quotes about Assassins and the Officio Assassinorum in general. Following that, the quotes are organized by the particular temple in question.

Author and respective organization Quote Source
Johannes Dixen The "Overlord Instinct" or the "I'm the King of the Castle" syndrome works in our favour when we crush rebellions. The traitors are safe and sound behind their fortress walls. We, the loyal servants of Our Emperor, need look no further for our targets.
- from Lectures to the School of Assassins
Warhammer Siege,
pg. 118
Assassin proverb Pain is an illusion of the senses, despair an illusion of the mind. Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader,
pg. 85
Motto of the Officio Assassinorum For those that defy the Imperium, only the Emperor can judge your crimes.

Only in death can you receive the Emperor's Judgement.

Codex: Assassins (2nd Edition), pg. 2,
Eternal Damnation (Graphic Novel), Short Story The Ionis Gambit
Some may be able to avoid the judiciaries of the Adeptus Arbites, fewer may be able to face off against the Imperial Guard and the Adeptus Astartes, but let it be known that none can stand against the Officio Assassinorum. Codex: Assassins (2nd Edition),
pg. 3
Decree Assassinorum We do not determine the guilty; we do not decide the punishment; we are merely the cold intrument of the Emperor's vengeance. There is no form of death unknown to us; there is no form of terror beyond our means; there is no enemy outside our reach. We are the blade that hovers over the throat of the traitor; we are the bullet that awaits the heretic's skull; we are the poison in the throat of the alien. Codex: Assassins (3rd Edition),
pg. 14
Dictatus Callidus We are the killing tools of the Imperium, we live to honor the Callidus temple and die to serve the Emperor. Codex: Assassins (2nd Edition),
pg. 14
Dictatus Callidus To assume the shape of the accursed and deliver death from the purity within you - that is to be Callidus.
Callidus Temple proverb Treachery is its own reward. For The Emperor (Novel),
ch. 5, pg. 113
Motto of the Culexus Temple That which is unknown and unseen always commands the greatest fear. Codex: Assassins (2nd Edition),
pg. 20
Eversor Temple, Modus Executus Sow the seeds of damnation and I shall reap the souls of the tainted. Codex: Assassins (2nd Edition),
pg. 15
Modus Executus Fear me, for I am your apocalypse. Codex: Assassins (2nd Edition),
pg. 17
Motto of the Vindicare Temple Exitus Acta Probat:

The Outcome Justifies The Deed.

Codex: Assassins (2nd Edition), pg. 11,
Eternal Damnation (Graphic Novel) Short Story The Samos Sanction
Training Dogma, Vindicare Temple Three things matter in marksmanship -

location, location, location.

Codex: Assassins (2nd Edition),
pg. 11