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Officio Sabatorum

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The Officio Sabatorum is one of the smaller organizations that existed within the Imperium. While a certain amount of leeway is given regarding deaths and additional collateral damage throughout the course of an operation by the Sabatorum, direct assassination is not their mission.[1] This sets them apart from the Officio Assassinorum. Officio Sabatorum agents deal with sabotage and physical destruction rather than the elimination of specific targets.[1]

Covert agents of the Sabatorum are capable of killing everyone at an outpost with ease. They favour the use of explosives, poisons and gas rather than conventional weapons. Should an agent have to fight an opponent directly it is often viewed as a mission that has failed already.[1]

Employed throughout the Imperium, agents of the Officio Sabatorum were positively identified as having been used during the Third War for Armageddon.[2]

Known Agents

  • Oynas Trost - Convicted of accidentally poisoning three Imperial Admirals as well as their families during the course of a mission.[1]


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