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Optae Albrich

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Optae Albrich was an Imperial Fists Terminator, who was a veteran of the Great Crusade and later took part in the Horus Heresy.[1]


As the conflict raged, Albrich was among the Imperial Fists' forces that found themselves in service to the Iron Hands commander Autek Mor. In his efforts to strike back at the Traitors, Mor had his forces invade several worlds that were held by them and this included the World Eaters adopted Homeworld of Bodt. As the attack on the world was underway, Albrich served as the second in command of the Imperial Fists led by the Centurion Eberhart, who was given an objective to complete. The Centurion and an Iron Hand had been chosen to lead two strike forces, that would infiltrate the World Eaters' northern defense line in Bodt's capital, Tredecimmia, and kill the Traitor Legion's commanders garrisoned within it.[1]

Time was of the essence, though, as Mor had begun his invasion by sending Bodt's moon hurting towards the world. The impact would destroy all life on its surface, so his forces needed to complete their objectives and escape before that occurred. In order to reach the command centre, however, Eberhart and his Iron Hand cohort would need to travel through a vast subterranean tunnel complex beneath the capital. Upon successfully entering it, the two strike forces then split up and Eberhart's Imperial Fists traveled east, while the Iron Hands traveled west. As they journeyed through the complex, each side was attacked by not only the frenzied World Eaters, but also the Daemon Engines Khorne, that were created by the Traitor Legion's Sarum Dark Mechanicum allies.[1]

These corrupted machines took a heavy toll on the Imperial Fists, but despite their losses Eberhart succeeded in reaching the World Eaters' command centre. It was protected by several Decimator Daemon Engines, though, and while the Imperial Fists succeeded in destroying them, the cost in lives to do so was high. Among them was Eberhart himself, who was slain by the last of the Decimators, and it fell to Albrich to complete their mission. He would do so by razing the command centre down and afterwards, Albrich's surviving Imperial Fists and their Iron Hands cohorts were successfully evacuated, before Bodt was destroyed by its moon.[1]