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Ork Psychic Powers

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Ork Psychic Powers are unleashed by Weirdboyz and Warpheads whether they want to or not. As the focal point for the psychic energy subconsciously generated by all Orks, Weirdboyz build up a charge just by being around other Orks, even more so when advancing on the enemy as a great Mob with much shouting and bashing of heads. Those lucky enough to reach maturity find ways to release this energy in a controlled manner, such as a destructive blastwave. Otherwise their head, and frequently the heads of those around them, will explode from the pent-up power. Either way, those Orks that follow a Weirdboy into battle consider the resulting destruction a good show.[1]

List of Psychic Powers

The release of a Weirdboy psychic charge is frequently random and often destructive, with the following listing some of the better-known manifestations of this power.

Ork Psychic Powers
Name Notes/Effects Sources
'Eadbang The Weirdboy loses control of the energies raging through him, causing his head and the heads of those around him to explode. [1]
Ere We Go In a storm of green light, the Weirdboy and any surrounding Orks are teleported across the battlefield. [1]
Frazzle Arcs of crackling energy are unleashed which reduces enemies to shriveled husks. [1]
Gork'll get 'em! The Wyrdboy's belief in Gork and Mork is so complete that it causes a manifestation of their power. This takes the form of a large green fist or foot descending from above upon the enemy. [2]
Psychic Vomit Wyrdboyz discharges energy in the form of a wave of energy erupting from its mouth much like vomiting fire because it can no longer contain the ork energies. The psychogenic energy is vented powerfully in great green streams. The Wyrdboy feels a lot better after this. [1]
Waaagh! The Weirdboy unleashes a terrible battlecry that infuses his comrades with primal power. [1]
Warpath The Weirdboy releases his energy in a controlled manner into the surrounding Orks, dramatically increasing their combat abilities. [1]
Zzap A beam of incandescent energy is unleashed and strikes the enemy with the force of a thunderbolt. [1]

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