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The Panpacific Empire was a nation-state situated around the Pacific Ocean on Earth. It flourished during the Age of Strife. Its most famous ruler was the tyrant Narthan Dume.[2]


Originally, the Panpacific was controlled by many techno-barbarian tribes which often clashed with the Yndonesic Bloc.[1] Eventually, the Panpacific tribes were united by a Warlord named Khazar to fight against the Brotherhood of Singularitarianism. The latter was a sect which strove for the creation of a singularity-level A.I..[6b] Though later Mechanicum scholars mostly believed that the tribes' war against the Brotherhood was only motivated by their superstition,[6a] in truth the Panpacific peoples had realized that the Brotherhood of Singularitarianism had begun to combine their technology with the Warp and Daemonic.[6b] Khazar's forces successfuly stormed the Brotherhood's fortresses and mostly destroyed the cult,[6a] though one of its leaders, Moravec, escaped to Mars.[6b] At some point after its unification, possibly in M27, the Panpacific Empire was conquered by the Unspeakable King.[8]

Eventually, the Unspeakable King was overthrown by the clans of Albia,[7b] and Panpacific Empire fell under the control of Narthan Dume and became one the most powerful realms on Terra.[2][7a] Not long after, however, the empire was confronted by the Emperor of Mankind during the Unification Wars.[2] In a series of battles, the Panpacific Empire was defeated[2] by Imperial armies consisting of Thunder Warriors, Caucasian Levies, and many mercenaries.[5] The Panpacific city of Vhnori was one of its last strongholds to fall.[3] Dume was captured alive and executed.[2]

In 799.M30,[4] Vhnori -still resentful over the Panpacific Empire's fall- revolted against the Emperor. The so-called Vhnori Resurgence was short-lived, as the city was completely destroyed by Imperial forces in retaliation.[3]

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