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Path of the Seer (Novel)

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Path of the Seer
Path of the Seer Cover.JPG
Author Gav Thorpe
Publisher Black Library
Series Path of the Eldar
Preceded by Path of the Warrior
Followed by Path of the Outcast
Released August 2011
Pages 401
Collected in Path of the Eldar Omnibus
Editions 2011 softcover:
ISBN-13 978-1-84970-081-8

Path of the Seer written by Gav Thorpe is the second book in the Path of the Eldar Series. It follows Thirianna, starting from the Path of the Poet, to and through the Path of the Seer as a Farseer.

Cover Description

The ancient eldar are a mysterious race and each devotes their life to a chosen path that will guide their actions and decide their fate. Thirianna abandons her simple existence to embark upon the mysterious Path of the Seer. She will tread a dark and dangerous road that leads her to the other realm of the warp, where daemons are made flesh and nightmares are manifest, for only there can she realise her psychic abilities. After unleashing her powers in battle and communing with the spirits of her craft world, Thirianna turns her skills to discerning the future amidst the myriad strands of fate. Her visions reveal a great threat descending on Alaitoc, and both the living and the dead will march to war to defend it.

Notable Characters


Aspect Warriors

Other Eldar